LP Media Consulting is an interactive consulting company, specializing in marketing, data analytics, strategy, and media. We help companies, personalities, and brands connect with their customers by using data driven marketing strategies. Our agency was established in 2010 from a living room, a laptop, and lots of coffee and has quickly grown into a highly sought after team of 20 professionals that takes things to the next level.

Our consulting services focus on our clients' problems and opportunities. LPMC brings functional expertise with a personal touch in the areas of data science, analytics, marketing, strategy, branding, business development, interactive media, and eCommerce. We are focused on building relationships that create value to our clients.

We have the pleasure of working with world-class brands and entrepreneurial success stories in the startup world, including Walt Disney World, New York University, New York City's Empire State Development Corporation, Momofuku Milk Bar, Boast USA, personalities from the UFC, Bravo TV, and MTV just to name a few.

Our consultants, hold MBA's, MS's, and MFA's from some of the most prestigious universities and have built and led experienced project teams specializing in data analytics, marketing, hospitality, food and wine, entertainment, and startups. The LPMC team also consists of some of the best developers, UI/UX designers, and creatives in the city.

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